Jacob Adriaensz Backer

1609-1651 Holland/Baroque


Brief Biography-Jacob Adriaensz Backer who was born in Harlingen, Holland, was a portraitist and history painter of the Dutch Golden Age. His family moved to Amsterdam when he was just three years of age. He became a student of Lambert Jacobsz a fellow Mennonite preacher in Leeuwarden. It is almost certain that he went on to study under Rembrandt back in Amsterdam c.1632 due to some resemblance of works, and his fellow student with Jacobsz, Govert Flinck, was certainly a student of Rembrandt. He was famously known to have completed a half-length portrait of a woman in one day, it included ornamental jewels and fine drapery. His works can be seen in the Amsterdam Townhall and the Carmelites church at Antwerp where the Last Judgment was hung. His most famous student was Abraham Lambertsz van den Tempel. According to the Rev. Pilkington he died in 1641 aged 33, he quotes Jean-Baptiste Descamps, however it is broadly accepted he died in 1651.


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of a woman

portrait of a woman by Jacob Adriaensz Backer

of an old woman

portrait of an old woman

company of cornelis
de graeff

company of cornelis de graeff and luitenant hendrick lauwrensz

of a lady

portrait of a lady

and daifilo

granida and daifilo

portrait of
johannes lutma

portrait of johannes lutma


the hearing

tribute money

the tribute money

and adonis

venus and adonis