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Dieric Bouts, the Elder

c. 1415-1475 Belgium/Northern Renaissance


Brief Biography-Dieric Bouts, the Elder, is thought to have been born in Haarlem and lived in Louvain. However, scholars suspect he spent time in Haarlem in the 1460s after marrying into a wealthy family as there are no records of him during that period. Bouts may have worked in the studio of Rogier van der Weyden, as his style is very evident in his paintings. He became Painter to the Town of Louvain in 1469 and was known principally for his altarpieces, most notably the Altarpiece of the Holy Sacrament. He remarried in 1473, and he died in May of 1475. Hugo van der Goes possibly finished his last painting; he certainly valued his works on his death for his estate. His sons Dieric the Younger and Aelbrecht also became painters; Dieric was the more successful.


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altarpiece of the
holy sacrament

altarpiece of the holy sacrament





martyrdom of saint

martyrdom of saint erasmus

by fire

ordeal by fire

saint hippolyte

saint hippolyte triptych by Dieric Bouts, the Elder

the execution of
the innocent count

the execution of the innocent count