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Hans Dahl

1849-1937 Norway/Landscapes


Brief Biography-Hans Dahl was from Hardanger, Norway. At the age of twenty-one, he took up painting after being in the army for most of his life. Dahl studied under Hans Gude at Karlsruhe art school and under Wilhelm Sohn, the nephew of Karl Ferdinand Sohn in Düsseldorf. He travelled Europe widely but primarily to Germany, where he enjoyed considerable success. His paintings were mostly of landscapes with staffage. While his primary residence was Balstrand in Norway, he lived intermittently in Berlin. Kaiser Wilhelm II was a patron of his works up until 1914.


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his Return

Awaiting his Return

The Fjord

By The FJord

the Water's Edge

By the Water-s Edge

with Sailing Boat

Fjord with Sailing Boat

Snowball Fight
and Snowman

Snowball Fight and Snowman

The Sognefjorden
in Balestrand

The Sognefjorden in Balestrand


Transporting Hay


By Dahl

Sunny Waves

Upon Sunny Waves

Girl with Green
Birch Twigs

Girl with Green Birch Twigs