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John Downman

1750-1824 Wales-Portraitist


Brief Biography-John Downman, the portraitist, is assumed to have been born in Wales because of his close ties with Wrexham. His daughter was married and died in Wrexham. There is, however, speculation he was born in Devonshire but is considered a Welsh artist. In 1769, he attended the Royal Academy Schools, and in 1795 he became an Associate. He studied with Benjamin West for a short time, and in 1773 he voyaged to Italy with Joseph Wright of Derbyfor two years. In 1777, he concentrated on portrait painting in Cambridge before moving to London, where he stayed for several years. His marriage was to the daughter of the composer William Jackson of Exeter, the organist at Exeter Cathedral. He spent time in Plymouth, Exeter and Chester before finally settling in Wrexham in 1819, where he died in 1824. His portraits are of interest to this day because of the notes he sometimes wrote regarding the sitters. He would occasionally note their occupation or how they would have behaved, along with the date and place of execution.


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Master Page-
Anne Page-

Master Page-Anne Page and Slender

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Robert-Duke of Normandy-in Prison

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The Ghost of Clytemnestra Awakening the Furies

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Sarah And Mary Emma Rigby


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An Unknown Man


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