Caesar van Everdingen

1617-1678 Netherlands-Baroque

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Diogenes Seeks

Diogenes Seeks a True Man

Count Willem

Count Wilem Two

Wearing a Hat

Girl Wearing a Broad-Brimmed Hat

Allegory of Birth

Allegoru of Birth of Fredrik Hendrik

Girl as a Huntress

Portrait of a Girl as a Huntress


Nymphs Offering Young Bacchus Wine and Fruit

Cittern Player

Cittern Player


Lycurgus Demonstrates the Benefits of Education

Two-Year-Old Boy

Portrait of a Two-Year-Old Boy

Four Muses

Four Muses and Pegasus on Parnassus

Rape of Europa

Rape of Europa

Liz van Kessel

Elisabeth van Kessel

Amor Holding Orb

Amor Holding Orb


Bachus and Ariadne

Warming Hands

Young Woman Warming her Hands


Jupiter and Callisto

The Holy Family

The Holy Family

Venus Still Life

Venus Still Life

Willem Jacobsz

Willem Jacobsz Baert

Old Civic Guard

Officers and Standard Bearers of Old Civic Guard