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Jan van Huysum

1682-1749 Holland/Baroque


Brief Biography-Jan van Huysum, born in Amsterdam, was the most famous of a family of painters. His father, Justus van Huysum 1659-1715, who tutored him, was a painter of flowers, and his three younger brothers were also painters. Jan Davidszoon de Heem influenced his work. Huysum ranked alongside Rachel Ruysch in status as a painter of flowers; however, he sometimes painted portraits and excelled in landscapes. His works sold for princely sums of the time, a flower-piece sold for fourteen hundred and fifty guilders, a fruit-piece for a thousand and five and a small one for nine hundred guilders. According to Reverend Pilkington, Huysum guarded his talents with such jealousy that he never took on disciples for fear of being equalled or surpassed. He took on one lady named Haverman, but he grew envious of her merit. He grew morose, fretful and apt to withdraw himself from society; nevertheless, his reputation never diminished, and rivals did not overshadow his work. He died in Amsterdam in 1749. His pictures hang throughout the principal galleries of Europe.


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a vase of flowers

a vase of flowers

bouquet of flowers
in an urn

bouquet of flowers in an urn

flowers in a
terracotta vase

 flowers in a terracotta vase

landscape with
ruin and bridge

landscape with ruin and bridge

still life

still life

still life
of flowers

still life of flowers

vase of flowers
in a niche

vase of flowers in a niche