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Eugène Isabey

1803-1806 France/Romanticism


Brief Biography-Eugène Isabey was the son of the painter Jean-Baptiste Isabey who tutored him while he studied the old masters in the Louvre. He was a printmaker, a painter of landscapes and genre scenes before moving to marine and historical works. The works of Théodore Géricault had a strong influence on him. In 1821, he went to England and was impressed by Richard Parkes Bonington and J.M.W. Turner. He achieved recognition at the salon of 1824. In 1832, after becoming court painter to King Louis-Philippe, he received the Légion d'Honneur. Several of his paintings are in the Louvre. He died at Montévrain in 1886.


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after a storm

after a storm

beach at low tide

beach at low tide

louis XIV
entering paris

louis the fourteenth entering paris

people on a beach
in granville

people on a beach in granville

rocks at saint malo

rocks at saint malo

shipwreck of
the emily

shipwreck of the emily

smugglers on
the beach

smugglers on the beach

bringing napoleon's
ashes to france

the belle poule bringing napoleon's ashes to france

the embarkment of
de ruyter

the embarkment of de ruyter at the battle of texel