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Angelica Kauffmann

1741-1807 Switzerland/Rococo


Brief Biography-Angelica Kauffmann was born at Chur in the Grisons, Switzerland. As a young child, she was an accomplished musician and painter due to instruction by her father, who was an artist. One of her first influences came from the rococo artist François Boucher. In 1754 the family went to Milan to introduce her to the Italian masters. She went to Florence, Rome, and Venice during her stay and was impressed by the neoclassical style.
In 1765, Lady Wentworth brought her to England, where she was met with acclaim and found favour with the royal family. Portraiture was her main subject in England, and Sir Joshua Reynolds became a friend and a significant influence on her work. She was one of the first thirty-six members of the Royal Academy, where she exhibited her paintings annually up until 1782. Unlike many female artists of the time, she established herself as a history painter when on the continent. Her first marriage was to the valet of the Swedish Count de Horn, whom she eventually had to pay off for the princely sum of £300. Her second marriage was to the artist Antonio Zucchi from Venice, whom she met in London; they left for Rome shortly afterwards. She died in 1807 in Rome, where there is a monument to her memory and Antonio Zucchi in the church of Sant'Andrea delle Fratte.


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a portrait of a
young woman

a portrait of a young woman

ariadne abandoned
by theseus on naxos

ariadne abandoned by theseus on naxos

and ariadne

bacchus and ariadne

diana and her
nymphs bathing

iana and her nymphs bathing by Angelica Kauffmann

portrait of a woman
as a vestal virgin

portrait of a woman as a vestal virgin

mary tisdal

mary tisdal reading

charles brudenell

charles brudenell bruce

general james

general james masterson

henrietta maria

henrietta maria hill

john apthorp and
his daughters

john apthorp and his daughters

prince stanislaus

prince stanislaus poniatowski

self portrait

 self portrait

the judgment
of paris

the judgment of paris by Angelica Kauffmann

venus induces helen
to fall in love

venus induces helen to fall in love with paris