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Giovanni Lanfranco

1582-1647 Italy/Barque


Brief Biography-Giovanni Gaspare Lanfranco (Cavaliere Giovanni di Stefano) was born in Parma in 1582. He was a disciple of Agostino Carracci in Bologna and later his brother Annibale Carracci; however, the works of Correggio, particularly in Parma, were his primary influence. In Rome, Lanfranco worked in the studio of Annibale when doing the fresco cycle of "The Loves of the Gods" at the Palazzo Farnese, assisting with his work. Pope Urban VIII commissioned Lanfranco to work at Saint Peter's, he remained in Rome for four years, and the Pope bestowed on him a knighthood. In 1646, he painted the "Ascension of the Virgin" on the dome of San Gennaro in Naples. An earthquake later destroyed it except for the Angels. Domenichino became his bitter rival in Rome, leading to plagiarism and foul misdeeds accusations. The Assumption of the Virgin on the crown of Sant'Andrea della Valle in 1627 was his most remarkable fresco. Lanfranco excelled in painting church domes in Naples and Rome, where his foreshortening stands out and is equal to that of Correggio. However, he never quite reached his perfection in other respects, such as his chiaroscuro. He died in Rome in 1647. His paintings hang in the principal galleries of Europe.


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certosa di san
martino naples

certosa di san martino naples

miracle of the
bread and fish

miracle of the bread and fish

norandino and lucina

norandino and lucina discovered by the ogre

saint ursula and
the virgins

saint ursula and the virgins

elijah receiving bread
from the widow

elijah receiving bread from the widow of zarephath

rinaldos farewell
to armida

rinaldos farewell to armida