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Eustache Le Sueur

c. 1616-1655 France/Baroque


Brief Biography-Eustache Le Sueur (Eustachius Lesueur), born in Paris, was a painter of religious subjects and a disciple of Simon Vouet. The works of Raphael and Nicolas Poussin influenced him immensely. The guild of master painters admitted him in 1640, and he excelled in the higher-end of intricate painting tasks, but he fell in the lighter, simpler parts of a picture. However, his status finally rose to such a degree that he became known as the French Raphael. Le Sueur's only rival was Charles Le Brun, who also trained in the atelier of Simon Vouet. His most noted work is the twenty-two-picture life of Saint Bruno in the cloister of the Chartreux in Paris, which took him three years to complete. Le Sueur was a co-founder of the Académie Royale de Peinture et de Sculpture.


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allegory of poetry

allegory of poetry

caligula depositing
the ashes

caligula depositing the ashes of his mother and brother in the tomb of his ancestors

the muses melpomene
erato and polyhymnia

the muses melpomene erato and polyhymnia

the preaching of
saint paul at ephesus

the preaching of saint paul at ephesus