Thomas Pooley

1646-1723 England/Ireland-Portraiture


Brief Biography-Thomas Pooley, the son of a Dublin attorney was born in Ipswich. It is thought that he learned to paint in London where he studied law. When he went to Dublin he became a well-known portraitist and was sought after by the aristocracy of the time. He was influenced by Sir Peter Lely; it is also possible he may have been tutored by him. He was a member of the Guild of Saint Luke. He received numerous commissions but sadly most haven't survived to this day. There are however some of his portraits in the Royal Hospital Kilmainham, Dublin. His most notable works were for Sir John Perceval who was an Irish patron of the arts. The three brothers Sir John, Sir Philip and Sir Robert Perceval had untimely deaths. Robert who was known for dueling and gambling was murdered in London. John died of prison fever he caught whilst working with the courts in Cork, and Philip who was said to be of a bad temper was poisoned. All three were in their early twenties. Their portraits are included in this gallery. In Pooley's later years he gave up painting, involved himself in business and became an MP.


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Jonathan Swift

Sir John

Sir John Perceval

Sir Philip

Sir Philip Perceval


Robert Perceval

Sir Robert

Sir Robert Southwell


John Stearne

Duchess of

Duchess of Cleveland and her daughter Barbara Villiers