Agostino Tassi

1578-1644 Italy/Baroque


Brief Biography-Agostino Tassi was a painter of sea views, mythology and frescoes. There are four known accounts of his date of birth, 1565, 1566, 1578 and 1580. 1578 is generally accepted as the correct date. He was born in Perugia under his real family name of Buonamici. He first studied art in Bologna and completed his studies in Rome at the atelier of Paul Bril. He was strongly influenced by the works of Bril, most notably his landscapes. His reputation became enhanced in Genoa where he worked alongside Ventura Salimbeni on frescoes. He later worked with Orazio Gentileschi in Rome on many of his architectural illusionistic frescoes, some of which were commissioned by Pope Paul V.
In Florence, he was made a galley slave due to an unknown crime, during this time he was given the freedom to produce many sea view scenes on canvas. He was later convicted of raping Artemisia Gentileschi and received a two-year sentence which he never served. One of his most noted students was Claude Lorrain.


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a scene
of witchcraft

a scene of witchcraft

a shipyard

a shipyard

capture of troy

capture of troy

competition on the
capitoline hill

competition on the capitoline hill

coral fishers

coral fishers

embarkation of
a queen

embarkation of a queen

festivities on
the coast

estivities on the coast by Agostino Tassi

simulated loggia

simulated loggia architecture