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Nicolai Abraham Abildgaard

1743-1809 Denmark/Classicism


Brief Biography-Nicolai Abraham Abildgaard was from Copenhagen; he studied at the Royal Academy of Art, later becoming a professor. In 1772, he travelled to Rome and studied Italian art in different disciplines. In Rome, he associated with artists such as Johann Heinrich Fussli. When he returned to Copenhagen and became a professor, he taught Christoffer Wilhelm Eckersberg, Philipp Otto Runge He did paintings in the Knight’s Room in the Christiansborg Palace. The King rejected some of his images due to his revolutionary leanings, leading to a clash with the establishment. Some of his Royal commissions got turned down due to disagreements with the Royal Prince; however, in 1801, he became the Academy Director. He died in 1809.


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Simo Entrusts

Simo Entrusts Concerns over their Son

The Midwife

The Midwife Leaves Androspigens House-Simo tells Davus that he Expects Childbirth Movement for Pure Fraud

of Fortune

The Temple of Fortune

Culmin-s Ghost

Culmin-s Ghost Appears to his Mother

Davus Speaks
with Mysis

Davus Speaks with Mysis

Fingal Sees the

Fingal Sees the Ghosts of His Ancestors in the Moonlight

Jupiter Weighing
the Fate of Man

Jupiter Weighing the Fate of Man

Hamlet Shows His
Mother the Ghost

Hamlet Shows His Mother the Ghost of His Father

Adrastus Slaying

Adrastus Slaying Himself at the Tomb of Atys

Lover Pamfilus in

Lover Pamfilus in Conversation with his Servant Forslagne Davus

The Archangel

The Archangel Michael and Satan Disputing about the Body of Moses

Richard III

Richard three Awakening from his Nightmare


The Nightmare


Ossian-s Swansong

the Giant-

Ymir the First Giant-Suckles at the Udder of Auoumbla