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Benito Manuel Agüero

c. 1626-1670 Spain/Baroque


Brief Biography-Benito Manuel Agüero was born in 1626 and worked in Madrid for most of his life. He studied under, Juan Bautista Martínez del Mazo and Alonso Cano, both of whom died in 1667. Titian influenced Del Mazo, which is why Agüero possibly tried to emulate Titian's style in his mythological paintings, which wasn't successful. Notes from The Prado state that Claude Lorrain and Salvator Rosa also influenced his style. Ten of his works are in The Prado Museum.


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departure of aeneas
from carthage

departure of aeneas from carthage


landscape with a
fortified port

landscape with a fortified port


campillo country

campillo country house


monastery of
el escorial

monastery of el escorial

Landscape with Dido
and Aeneas

landscape with dido and aeneas