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Alekseyev Fyodor Yakovlevich

c. 1753-1824 Russia/Rococo


Brief Biography-Fyodor Yakovlevich Alekseyev was born in Saint Petersburg c.1753. He attended the Imperial Academy of Arts in 1764 and was a disciple of Antonio Peresinotti, a teacher of decorative art. He later spent four years in Venice, where he copied the old masters when studying to be a theatre artist. However, the Academy put him in the Theatre Decoration School when he returned to Saint Petersburg. He continued to paint his subjects, and with his ‘View of the Palace Embankment from the Fortress’, he became an Academician. Tsar Paul 1 commissioned him to paint street and architectural scenes of Moscow in 1800, and later, he painted views of Saint Petersburg. He taught at the Academy and enjoyed considerable success until his old age; however, he was sadly penniless at his death.


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coronation of
alexander I

coronation of alexander I

flood of 1824 in
the square

flood of 1824 in the square at the bolshoi kamenny theatre

red square
in moscow

red square in moscow

resurrection gate
and neglinny bridge

resurrection gate and neglinny bridge from tverskaya street by Fyodor Yakovlevich Alekseyev

view of saint

view of saint petersburg by Fyodor Yakovlevich Alekseyev