William Anderson

1757-1837 Scotland/Maritime


Brief Biography-William Anderson was a maritime painter from Scotland who moved to London in the 1780s. His trade as a shipwright inspired him to paint marine art. The Dutch art of the genre was his primary influence. His paintings were exhibited in at Royal Academy, and his work sold well providing a decent living for him for the remainder of his life. He received several commissions from naval officers during the Napoleonic wars and became highly regarded as a leading Maritime Painted.


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A View of
Westminster Bridge

A View of Westminster Bridge and the Abbey from the South Side

A Wherry
Taking Passengers

A Wherry Taking Passengers out to Two Anchored Packets

London Bridge-
with Saint Paul's

London Bridge-with Saint Paul's Cathedral

Dutch Sailing

Dutch Sailing Vessels

A British Warship-
Dutch Barges-

A British Warship-Dutch Barges and other Coastal Craft on the Ijselmeer in a Calm

Dutch Coastal

Dutch Coastal Scene

Battle of Cape

Battle of Cape Finisterre

Limehouse Reach-

Limehouse Reach-London

Shipping on the
Thames off Deptford

Shipping on the Thames off Deptford


Coastal Scene

A Flagship

A Flagship Departing from the Anchorage

A British Naval

A British Naval Squadron of the Red at anchor off Leghorn-Italy

Merchant Ships and
Indiamen -

Merchant Ships and Indiamen lying off the Isle of Dogs