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William Anderson

1757-1837 Scotland/Maritime


Brief Biography-William Anderson was a maritime painter from Scotland who moved to London in the 1780s. His trade as a shipwright inspired him to paint marine art. The Dutch art of the genre was his primary influence. His paintings got exhibited at Royal Academy, and his work sold well, providing a decent living for him for the remainder of his life. He received several commissions from naval officers during the Napoleonic wars and became highly regarded as a leading Maritime Painter .


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A View of
Westminster Bridge

A View of Westminster Bridge and the Abbey from the South Side

A Wherry
Taking Passengers

A Wherry Taking Passengers out to Two Anchored Packets

London Bridge-
with Saint Paul's

London Bridge-with Saint Paul's Cathedral

Dutch Sailing

Dutch Sailing Vessels

A British Warship-
Dutch Barges-

A British Warship-Dutch Barges and other Coastal Craft on the Ijselmeer in a Calm

Dutch Coastal

Dutch Coastal Scene

Battle of Cape

Battle of Cape Finisterre

Limehouse Reach-

Limehouse Reach-London

Shipping on the
Thames off Deptford

Shipping on the Thames off Deptford


Coastal Scene

A Flagship

A Flagship Departing from the Anchorage

A British Naval

A British Naval Squadron of the Red at anchor off Leghorn-Italy

Merchant Ships and
Indiamen -

Merchant Ships and Indiamen lying off the Isle of Dogs