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Sebastián López de Arteaga

1610-1652 Mexico/Baroque/Tenebrism


Brief Biography-Sebastián López de Arteaga, formerly of Seville, departed from Cádiz for New Spain in 1640. He brought Francisco de Zurbarán’s strong influence on tenebrism; there is speculation he may have studied with or under Zurbarán. In Mexico, he worked at the Holy Office of the Inquisition, which advanced his career as an artist; he painted several portraits of the Inquisitors. Unfortunately, only a few extant paintings can be attributed to him today.


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betrothal of the

betrothal of the virgin

saint michael and
the bull

saint michael and the bull

christ on
the cross

christ on the cross


doubting thomas

saint michael

saint michael fighting with rebellious angels

the madonna

the madonna

saint francis

saint francis