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Barthel Beham

1502-1540 Germany/Northern Renaissance


Brief Biography-Barthel Beham was a native of Nuremberg and the younger brother of the renowned printmaker Hans Sebald Beham. Albrecht Dürer was his primary influence, but Hans initially tutored him. He began with engraving and later became a portraitist.
He was exiled from Nuremberg for his views on Catholicism but was later pardoned. He subsequently settled in Munich, where he worked for William IV of Bavaria. The nobility of Germany commissioned many of his works.


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A Man

A Man

Duke Ludwig

Duke Ludwig ten of Bavaria

Hans Urmiller

Hans Urmiller and Son


Ottheinrich-Prince of Pfalz


Portrait of a Bavarian Prince

Jorg Herz

Portrait of a Goldsmith Jorg Herz

A Man

Portrait of a Man

A Woman

Portrait of a Woman