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Giovanni Pietro Bellori

1613-1696 Italy/Baroque


Brief Biography-Giovanni Pietro Bellori was a portraitist born in Rome and principally known as a biographer and antiquary. He excavated and documented Roman antiquities, and Pope Clement X appointed him the Antiquarian of Rome. Domenico Zampieri was his master before being admitted to the Rome Academy of Saint Luke. Bellori became a librarian and antiquarian to Queen Christina of Sweden when she entered Rome after her abdication. His Lives of the Artists is his most celebrated work, covering baroque history based on the Roman Academy, which influenced French academies, the Royal Academy, and later Johann Joachim Winkelmann’s History of Art in Antiquity, which formed the grounds for Neoclassicism. He died in Rome in 1696.


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bellori portrait by
carlo maratta

bellori portrait by carlo maratta

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