Gerrit Adriaensz Berckheyde

1638-1698 Netherlands/Baroque


Brief Biography-Gerrit Adriaenszoon Berckheyde was a native of Haarlem. His works were predominantly of churches, convents and noblemen's houses in his home town of Haarlem. The works of Pieter Jansz Saenredam had an impression on him. He spent the whole of his life in Haarlem except for occasional trips up the Rhine with his older brother Job who was a successful artist and Gerrit's mentor. The Rev Mathew Pilkington's account of Job's visit was thus-
"He had a great ambition to visit the court of the Elector Palatine, having heard large accounts of the munificence of that Prince to many of his profession; and, at last, in company with his brother Gerrit, he travelled thither. When he had spent some time about the palace and found it difficult to procure a proper introduction, he fixed upon a scheme which very, fortunately, and fully, answered his purpose.
He had often observed the Elector going out to the chase and took particular notice of all the nobility in his train. That incident Berkheyden made his subject; and in conjunction with his brother, he finished two pictures, in which they painted the portraits of the Elector, and his principal attendants, exceedingly like, and prevailed with an officer of the household, to place them in a gallery, through which his Highness always passed at his return. The Prince had no sooner observed them, when he expressed the greatest surprise and satisfaction at the performance; and having impatiently, inquired after the artists, and ordered them to be brought to court, he received them honourably, paid them in a princely manner, for their works, and made them considerable presents; among which were two medals of gold."
Both returned to Haarlem shortly afterwards, and the Haarlem Guild of Saint Luke made Gerrit a member. According to Pilkington, Gerrit was 'unfortunately drowned in a canal, as he returned home alone, after spending the evening in great festivity with a cheerful set of his friends'.


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Amsterdam Townhall

City View

City view with Hiking Stage

Grote kerk

Grote Kerk Saint Bavo

The Nieuwezijds

The Nieuwezijds

Dam Square

Dam Square

Haarlem Square

Square at Haarlem


Bend in Herengracht


Bend in the Herengracht View from the Vijzelstraat

A Notary

A Notary in his Office

Groote Market

Groote Market Market Haarlem

Grote Markt

Grote Markt in Haarlem View from the Koningstraat


Italianate Landscape

Market Place

Market Place and the Grote Kerk at Haarlem

Market Square

Market Square and Town Hall in Haarlem

Saint Bavo

Saint Bavo


Interior of the Church of Saint Bavo

The Hofvijver

The hofvijver in Den Haag

Haarlem Market

Haarlem Market

The Jansstraat

The Jansstraat in Haarlem with the Saint Bavo Church

The Nieuwezijds

The Nieuwezijds Voorburgswal

The Hofvijver

The Hofvijver seen from Korte Vijverberg

The Plaats

The Plaats with the Binnenhof and the Gevangenpoort The Hague


The two Amsterdam Synagogues

The Zijlpoort

The Zijlpoort in Haarlem

View of the Dam

View of the Dam with the Town Hall

The Nieuwezijds

View of The Nieuwezijds Voorburgswal