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Benjamin Block

1631-1690 Germany/Hungary-Baroque


Brief Biography-Block was born in Lübeck to a family of artists; his father, Daniel, was a painter who served the Prince of Mecklenburg for forty-four years. His brothers were also painters.
Benjamins first noted work was a fine drawing of the Duke of Mecklenburg, and his subsequent paintings gained him a standing reputation throughout Germany.
He travelled to Hungary, where he painted Count Ferenc Nádasdy and Princess Anna Julianna Eszterházy. However, most of his work in Hungary was for altarpieces in churches and convents.
He spent considerable time in Italy studying and perfecting his technique before returning to Germany. He stayed in Nuremberg, where the prime nobility of the region commissioned him to do portraits. The Elector of the Court of Saxony engaged him to paint pictures of himself and his family.
His most famous painting was of Athanasius Kircher, the Jesuit. His wife, Anna Catharina Fischer, was an artist who excelled in painting.


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Albrecht Sigismund von Bayern

Albrecht von

Albrecht von Brandenburg-Ansbach


Count Ferenc Nadasdy

Henriette von

Henriette Luise von Wurttemberg


Johann Frederick-Margrave of Brandenburg-Ansbach


Princess Anna Julianna Eszterhazy-Wife of Count Ferenc Nadasdy

leopold I

kaiser leopold one

Orsolya esterházy
wife of paul I

Orsolya esterházy wife of paul one prince esterházy of galantha

the future emperor
joseph I

portrait of the future emperor joseph one as king of hungary attrb

prince paul

prince paul esterhazy