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Edmé Bouchardon

1689-1762 France/Neoclassicism


Brief Biography-Edmé Bouchardon, sculptor and draughtsman, was born in Chaumont-en-Bassigny in 1698; his father, Jean-Baptiste, first taught him, and he later became a disciple of Guillaume Coustou, the Elder. His most famous extant work is the Fountain of Four Seasons in Paris’s rue de Grenelle. He was the first artist to introduce the neoclassical style of sculpture to France, which he learned over nine years in Rome. His brother, Jacques-Philippe, was also a sculptor.


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bust of pope
clement XII

bust of pope clement XII

cupid making a bow
out of the club

cupid making a bow out of the club of hercules

of christ

flagellation of christ

fountain of
the seasons

fountain of the seasons