Elizabeth Southerden Thompson-Lady Butler

1846-1933 Ireland/Military History


Brief Biography-Elizabeth Southerden Thompson, Lady Butler, was originally from Switzerland and was raised in Italy where she studied in her youth. When she went to England in 1866, she studied at the Female School of Art and returned to Italy to study at the Academy of Fine Arts of Florence. In 1870, Lady Butler went to Paris, there becoming influenced by Jean Louis Ernest Meissonier and took to painting military scenes. She achieved a considerable amount of success in her career painting battle scenes.
In 1877 she married Sir William Francis Butler, a British army officer and gained the title Lady Butler. She travelled extensively with her husband, and when he retired, they moved to his home county of Tipperary, Ireland, after which she exhibited her works at The Royal Hibernian Academy in Dublin.


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Rorkes Drift

Defence of Rorkes Drift

Floreat Etona

Floreat Etona


Listed for the Connaught Rangers



Scotland for Ever

Scotland for Ever

The 28th Regiment

The twenty eigth Regiment at Quatre Bras

The Defence

The Defence of Rorkes Drift

The Retreat

The Retreat from Mons

The Return

The Return From Inkerman

Lady Elizabet

Lady Elizabeth Southerden Butler

Th Roll Call

The Roll Call


Remnants of an Army