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Bartolomeo Carducho

1560-1608 Italy-Spain/Mannerism


Brief Biography-Bartolomeo Carducho was born Bartolommeo Carducci in Florence. He moved to Spain with his master Federico Zuccariin 1585 to work at the Escorial for Philip II. Carducho painted the ceiling of the library and a portion of the frescoes in the cloister of the Escorial. The king was so impressed he awarded him 200 ducats on top of his salary, and he reached his highest esteem with his Descent from the Cross at the church of San Felipe el Real in Madrid. Some of his commissions took him to Segovia and Valladolid. Carducho also trained under Bartolomeo Ammanati as an Architect and Sculptor. When Philip II died, Philip III commissioned him to paint a gallery in the Palace of the Prado; however, he died before he could finish it. His younger brother Vincentewho went to Spain with him when he was nine, completed the work in the Palace of the Prado and was made a court painter in 1609.


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death of
saint francis

death of saint francis

descent from
the cross

descent from the cross

flight into

flight into egypt