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Agostino Carracci

1557-1602 Italy/Baroque


Brief Biography-Agostino Carracci was Annibale's brother and Lodovico's cousin; all three were artists; however, Agostino excelled as an engraver. He worked alongside Prospero Fontana and Bartolomeo Passarotti, and the works of Correggio and Parmigiano in Parma influenced him. After studying in Venice as an engraver under Cornelis Cort, Agostino assisted Annibale at the Farnesian palace. However, he mainly concentrated on engraving and produced many etchings. He executed his most outstanding painting at the Chartreux in Bologna, The Communion of Saint Jerome. It strongly influenced Domenichino. His last notable work was in Parma for Duke Ranuccio in the grand saloon of the Casino. Unfortunately, he died before finishing it. However, the Duke was so impressed by the work that he forbade any other artist to complete the painting, as he believed no artist would be up to Agostino’s standard. He was a renowned engraver and ranked one of Italy’s highest.


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hairy harry mad peter
and tiny amon

hairy harry mad peter and tiny amon

self portrait as a

self portrait as a watchmaker

the penitent

the penitent magdalen