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Alexander Carse

c. 1770-1843 Scotlan/Portraiture-Genre


Brief Biography-Alexander Carse was from East Lothian; David Allan, the painter and illustrator, tutored him. Allan influenced Carse, along with Dutch art. Carse moved to London in 1812, where he encountered stiff competition from David Wilkie and decided to return to Scotland after eight years. Speculation has it that the subjects of Alexander Carse influenced David Wilkie.
Carse became an Artist Associate of the Royal Institute in Edinburg. He is most famous for his painting of the Royal visit by George IV to Scotland and three paintings of football matches. He had two sons who became artists, William Carse and James Howe Carse. Alexander sadly died a poor man.


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a village

a village argument

a village

a village concert]

penny wedding

penny wedding

football play

the football play

the open
air preacher

the open air preacher