Castillo TeĆ³filo

1857-1922 Peru-Impressionism


Brief Biography-Teofilo Castillo was from Huaraz in Peru and moved to Lima at the age of four. He was taught painting at an early age by a Cuban artist named Boudat Ducollier who worked for his father. He later travelled to France and Italy where religious art influenced him. On his return, he married Maria Gregoria in Argentina where they stayed and had eight children. In Argentina, he made a prosperous living from photography and painting portraits. In 1905, he moved to Lima where he set up the "La Escuela de Bellas Artes" The School of Fine Arts. He returned to Argentina shortly afterwards where he settled for the rest of his life; there he set up the magazine "Sal y Niece" Salt and Snow.


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funeral of
saint rose

 funeral of saint rose

the antiquarian's

the antiquarian's shop

battle of angamos

battle of angamos

corpus christi

corpus christi

javier prado
y ugarteche

javier prado y ugarteche politician and peruvian teacher




landscape huascaran

portrait of juan
silvano godoy

portrait of juan silvano godoy

san martin welcomed
by the citizens

san martin welcomed by the citizens of lima

the sacking of

the sacking of qurikancha by Teofilo Castillo

del consuelo

virgen del consuelo

church of the
merced lima

church of the merced lima