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Edward William Cooke

1811-1880 England/Realism-Marine Artist


Brief Biography-Edward William Cooke from London was the son of engraver George Cooke. Edward followed in his father’s footsteps as an engraver until he took up oil painting when he was twenty-two. James Stark tutored him, and he became influenced by Clarkson Stanfield and Richard Parkes Bonington’s style.
Cooke travelled Europe extensively, but his favourite destination was Holland, where he took in the Old Masters paintings and coastal scenes; marine art was his speciality. He was also interested in geology and gardening. He became a Fellow of the Royal Society and was a Royal Academician in 1864.


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Calm Day

Calm Day on the Scheldt

Saint Ives

Pier and Bay of Saint Ives


Vesuvius, Catalan and Parnazella

Dutch Pincks

Dutch Pincks off Hatwyck

HM Devastation

Mis Majesty's Turret ship Devastation at Spithead

San Giorgio Maggior

San Giorgio Maggior Venice

Sunset Lagoon

Sunset on the Lagoon of Venice

North Sea Breeze

North Sea Breeze on the Dutch Coast

Sunset Sky Salute

Sunset Sky Salute And San Giorgio Maggiore

On the Lagoon

On the lagoon of Venice

Armenian Convent

The Armenian Convent Venice

Church of Gesuati

The Church of Gesuaiti

Rembrant's Mill

Rembrant's Father's Mill

St Agnes Scilly Isles

Ssaint Agnus Scilly Isles

Calais Pier

Calais pier Sloop Returning to Port

a schevening pinck

a schevening pinck preparing for sea

godstow bridge

godstow bridge near oxford