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Lluís Dalmau

Active 1428-1461 Spain/Early Renaissance


Brief Biography-Lluís, or Lodovico, Dalmau was born in Valencia. His dates of birth and death are unknown, but he was active between 1428 and 1461 and was a painter to King Alfonso V of Aragon in 1431. The king dispatched him to Flanders to study, where he became influenced by Jan van Eyck. When he returned, he painted the Virgin of the Counsellors altarpiece commissioned for the City Hall church in Barcelona; it is signed and dated 1445. The painting A Virgin and Child by him is in the church of San Miguel in Barcelona. Lluís Dalmau was known to be active in Valencia, Brugge, and Barcelona, where he died.


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altarpiece of the

altarpiece of the councillors