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Vincenzo Dandini

1607- 1675 Italy/Baroque


Brief Biography-Vincenzo Dandini of Florence was the younger brother of Cesare Dandini, the first successful artist of the Dandini family, who gave him his initial instruction. He studied in the Accademia del Disegno in Florence before going to Rome in 1635; there, he studied under Pietro da Cortona. On his return to Florence, Lorenzo de’ Medici commissioned him to undertake numerous works in the city. His main influences were Cesare and Pietro Cortona. He later instructed his nephew, Pietro Dandini. His paintings are still on view in the Uffizi Gallery and other locations throughout Florence.


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a man with
a skull

a man with a skull

a youth playing
the flute

a youth playing the flute


vincenzo calliope

christ fallen under
the cross

christ fallen under the cross



saint bernardino
in glory

saint bernardino in glory

the flute

the flute player