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Adam Elsheimer

1578-1610 Germany/Mannerism


Brief Biography-Adam Elsheimer was born in Frankfort in 1578. His apprenticeship was under Philipp Uffenbach, also of Frankfort. On exceeding his master in talent, he left for Italy in 1598. Venice was his first stop for two years, where Tintoretto and Caravaggio influenced his light effects. In 1600, he moved to Rome and lived there for the remainder of his life. In Rome, Elsheimer assisted Hans-Johann Rottenhammer with some of his paintings. He influenced Claude Lorrain and Rubens, and later Rembrandt was impressed by his work. Unfortunately, he never received adequate sums for pictures, resulting in him living in such poverty that debtors had him cast into prison. Adam Elsheimer died a young man. His paintings are small and usually on copper. According to Rubens, had he been appropriately paid for his paintings, he would have been a wealthy man respected by all the world.

(Old history books state he was born in 1774 and died in 1620.)


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Apollo and Cattle

Apollo and cattle of Admetus

Apolo and Coronis

Apollo and Coronis

Flight into Egypt 2

Flight into Egypt 2

John the Baptist

Saint John the Baptist



Jacob's Dream

Jacob's Dream


Exhaltation of the Cross

Saint Paul

Saint Paul at Malta

Ceres and Stellio

Ceres and Stellio

Flight into Egypt

Flight into Egypt

Holy Family

Holy Family with Saint John the Baptist

Jupiter and Mercury

Jupiter and Mercury at Philemon and Baucis

Il Contento

Il contento

Self Portrait

Self Portrait

Nymph Fleeing Satyrs

Nymph Fleeing Satyrs

The Flight

Landscape with The Flight

The Stoning

The Stoning of Saint Stephen

Archangel Raphael

Archangel Raphael and Tobias

the Mountains Tondo

House of the Mountains Tondo

Burning of Troy

Burning of Troy

Preaching of John

Preaching of John the Baptist

Kreuz Altar

Frankfurter Kreuz Altar Predellentafel the Excavation of the Cross

Vesta temple

 Landscape with Vesta temple in Tivoli

Judith Beheading

Judith Beheading Holofernes