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Carel Fabritius

1622-1654 Netherlands/Baroque


Brief Biography-Carel Fabritius of Delft is famed for his perspective views and trompe l'oeil in wall paintings; he was also a renowned portraitist. He came from a family of painters and trained in the atelier of Rembrandt. His father Pieter, and his brothers, Barent and Johannes, were also painters. While Rembrandt influenced him, he was the only one of his students to veer away from his style; he emphasised lighter colour and perspective. There are accounts of him being the master of Jan Vermeer, but they are not verified; however, his works did influence Vermeer. Unfortunately, Carel died young when caught in a massive explosion from the Delft gunpowder magazine. It also killed his student Mattias Spoors. Therefore, not many of his paintings have survived.


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The Sentry

Hagar and
the Angel

Hagar and the Angel




The Beheading of Saint John the Baptist


The Goldfinch


The Raising of Lazarus

A View
of Delft

A View of Delft

Mercury and Argus

Mercury and Argus