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Pietro Faccini

c. 1560-1602 Italy/Baroque


Brief Biography-Pietro Faccini, a history painter, was born in Bologna in 1560. He did not paint until he was at least thirty years of age. There is a story that he only began painting after he came to the attention of Annibale Carracci. The report, as inscribed by the Rev Pilkington, goes thus;

As Faccini passed by the house of Annibal, he had the curiosity to go into the academy of that famous master, to look on his disciples, drawing, and designing; and while he was attentively engaged in observing their work, he seemed to be wrapped up in deep meditation, that one of the scholars, out of drollery, drew the likeness of Faccini with black chalk, and in a strong character of Caricature. The drawing was immediately handed about among the disciples; to the universal mirth of the society, and the mortification of him who was made the subject for ridicule. But, when at last the caricature was shown to Faccini, and he saw the real cause of such extravagant buffoonery; he took up a piece of charcoal, and although he never had learned to draw, or design, he sketched the likeness of the person who had turned him to ridicule, so strongly, and in so ludicrous a manner, that the subject for laughter was entirely changed; and Annibal, struck with admiration, to see such an uncommon effort of genius, generously offered to be his instructor in the art.
He soon made a wonderful progress, under so ingenious a preceptor, and in a short time surpassed all the other disciples, so as to become the object of their envy, as he before had been the object of their contempt.

He eventually opened a studio in competition with Carracci and achieved considerable success, although his popularity lasted only a short time. His work lacked perspective and was too close to the Mannerist style. However, his colouring was equal to that of Jacopo Tintoretto.
One of his most noted works is the Martyrdom of Saint Lawrence, which is on view in the church of San Giovanni in Monte, Bologna.


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christ and the virgin
appearing to francis

christ and the virgin appearing to saint francis

fra felice da

fra felice da cantalice receiving the infant jesus from the virgin

martyrdom of san

martyrdom of san lorenzo

mystic marriage of
saint catherine

mystic marriage of saint catherine

return of the
prodigal son

return of the prodigal son

santa caterina

santa caterina