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Louis Gallait

1810-1887 Belgium/Romanticism


Brief Biography-Louis Gallait, born in Tournai, was first a disciple of Philippe Auguste Hennequin in the Académie of Tournai and later studied under Mattheus Ignatius van Bree in Antwerp. Bree also tutored Gustave Wappers, whose style greatly influenced Gallait. In Paris, he learned a great deal by studying the master’s works in the Louvre. Gallait finally settled in Brussels, achieving considerable success and gaining several state commissions. He became a distinguished artist and was elected Director of the Académie Royale des Beaux-Arts. His principal subject was history painting, but he also excelled in portraiture. Gallait died in Brussels in 1887.


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fishermans family

fishermans family

gypsy woman with
two children

gypsy woman with two children

monk feeding
the poor

monk feeding the poor

the croat

sentinel the croat

tasso in
the prison

tasso in the prison

temptation of
saint anthony

temptation of saint anthony