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Fernando Gallego

1440-1507 Spain/Early Renaissance


Brief Biography-Fernando Gallego was born in Salamanca. Palomino states he was of Albrecht Dürer's School, but Pedro Berruguete of Parades de Nava possibly tutored him; nevertheless, Dürer influenced his work. A noted work is an altarpiece in the chapel of Saint Clement at Salamanca. An influence of Dieric Bouts, the Elder, is in his retable of San Ildefonso in the Cathedral of Samoa and his Pietà is in the Prado Museum, Madrid. Fernando’s possible brother Francisco Gallego who worked in his atelier, painted the Martyrdom of Saint Catherine in the Cathedral of Salamanca. Castile held Gallego in the highest esteem.


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martyrdom of saint

martyrdom of saint catherine

blessing christ

the blessing christ

triptych of saint

triptych of saint catherine