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Henri Gascar

1635-1701 France-Baroque/Portraitist


Brief Biography-Henri Gascar was a Parisian portraitist born in 1635. He spent time in Rome before going to England in 1674 and enjoyed a career under the Duchess of Portsmouth’s patronage and prospered painting portraits of nobility. He returned to Paris in 1680, where the Royal Academy of Painting and Sculpture admitted him that year. Gascar eventually settled in Rome, where he worked for the remainder of his life. Mezzotints by him were engraved just before he died in 1701. His most famous painting is of the Duke of York before becoming James II of England.


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Louise de

Louise de Keroualle-Duchess of Portsmouth

James II
of England-

James two of England-then Duke of York

Teresa Stuart

Frances Teresa Stuart-Duchess of Richmond and Lennox


Barbara Villiers

Jakub Ludwik
H Sobieski

Jakub Ludwik Henryk Sobieski

John III Sobieski
with his Family

John three Sobieski with his Family

Madame de

Madame de Montespan at Clagny

King Charles II's

King Charles the second's mistress-Louise de Keroualle as Venus

Lady Anne

Lady Anne Barrington and Lady Mary Saint John

Portrait of Philippe
de France

Portrait of Philippe de France

of York-

James-Duke of York-Charles-Prince of Wales

Studio of Henri

Studio of Henri Gascar Portrait of a Boy

Marie Casimire and
Teresa Kunegunda

Marie Casimire and Teresa Kunegunda Throwing Flowers

Victor Amadeus II
while Duke of Savoy

Victor Amadeus two while Duke of Savoy

Charles Lennox
Duke of Richmond

Charles Lennox Duke of Richmond son of Charles II and Louise de Keroualle with his Mother

Charlotte Lee
Countess of Lichfield

Charlotte Lee Countess of Lichfield Daughter of Charles II and Barbara Villiers with her Mother