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François Pascal Simon, Baron Gérard

1770-1837 France/Romanticism


Brief Biography-François Pascal Simon Gérard was born in Rome in 1770 to a French father and an Italian mother. He studied with a sculptor before moving to Jacques-Louis David's studio for two years. In 1789, he competed in the Prix de Rome but only gained second place. He returned to Rome with his mother after his father’s death the following year. It temporarily removed him from the political turmoil of France. When back in Paris, he earned a living engraving for publishers. David arranged a position for him on a Revolutionary Tribunal, but he evaded the undesirable duties it involved. In 1795, his portrait Bélisaire won him acclaim, and he won the patronage of Napoleon I. He became a Baron in 1819, won the Légion d’Honneur and was later made the First Painter to Louis XVIII. Again, the nobility of Europe requested his services. Meantime he had fallen out with David and quarrelled with Antoine Jean Gros. He died in 1837. Gérard is remembered chiefly for his portraiture; his historical works were regrettably not up to the standard of his master.


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Napoleon I

Napoleon I


Ossian on the Bank of the Lora Invoking the Gods to the Strains of a Harp


Hortense de Beauharnais


Napoleon Bonaparte as First Consul

The Fatherland

The Fatherland under Threat


Cupid and Psyche

Mdm Récamier

Madame Recamier


Hortense of Beauharnais


Louis XVIII of France



Madame Mère

Madame Mere

Jean Isabey

Jean-Baptist Isabey Miniaturist with his Daughter


Catherine Worlee Princesse de Talleyrand Perigord

C Bonaparte

Caroline Bonaparte Queen of Naples and Her Children

Marie Bonaparte

Marie-Julie Bonaparte Queen of Spain with Her Two Daughters Charlotte and Zenaide Bonaparte

Daphnis and Chloe

Daphnis and Chloe

Battle of Austerlitz

Battle of Austerlitz

Coronation of Charles X

Coronation of Charles theTenth


Portrait of Josephine


Corinne at Cape Miseno