William Buelow Gould

1801-1853 Australia-Transported from England


Brief Biography-William Buelow Gould was born in Liverpool in 1801. Speculation has it that he worked in a London factory painting porcelain while studying under William Mulready; however, it is uncertain that he was with Mulready. In 1826, a court exiled him to Australia for stealing a coat. In Van Diemen's Land, he committed more offences and received time in a Strict Penal Station. In transport to the station, the ship floundered, the convicts rebelled and took the vessel. He remained with the officers and gained a pardon as a house servant. During this time, he painted many still life watercolours. Gould continued to re-offend throughout his life and spent much time in prisons but was always painting. In 1836, he married in Hobart where he lived for the rest of his life. His most noted work is the Sketchbook of Fishes. The book is recognised today as the first record of many fish species.


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Cabbage Roses
and Fruit

Cabbage Roses and Fruit

Mr John

Mr John Mezger


Still-life Fruit

Flowers in
a Blue Jug

Still-life Flowers in a Blue Jug

Still-life with
Fruit and Flowers

Still-life with Fruit and Flowers

Cat and

Cat and Fish

with Game

Still-life with Game

River Scene with

River Scene with Aborigines