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Gavin Hamilton

1723-1798 Scotland/Neoclassicism


Brief Biography-Gavin Hamilton was born in Lanark, Scotland, in 1730. His initial education was in Glasgow before going to Italy to study in the 1740s, after which he did portraiture in London for five years. Around 1754, Hamilton moved to Rome and lived there for the remainder of his life. He dealt in art, and as an archaeologist, he excavated in Rome. Nicolas Poussin influenced his paintings, and his neoclassical style impressed later artists such as Jacques Louis David. His works were mainly historical and mythological; however, he still engaged in portraiture.


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Venus giving
Helen to Paris-

Venus giving Helen to Paris as his Wife

The Death
of Lucretia

The Death of Lucretia

Dr John Moore-
Douglas Hamilton-

Dr John Moore-Douglas Hamilton-Eighth Duke of Hamilton-and A Young Sir John Moore

Tourists at a
Lava Stream-

Tourists at a Lava Stream Running down from Mount Vesuvio


Achilles Mourning the Death of Patroclus


Elizabeth Gunnin-Duchess of Hamilton

Priam Pleading
with Achilles-

Priam Pleading with Achilles for the Body of Hector


Emma Hamilton

The Death of

The Death of Achilles

Juno and

Juno and Jupiter