Francisco Herrera the Younger

1622-1685 Spain/Baroque


Brief Biography-Francisco Herrera the Younger, son of Francisco Herrera the Elder (The Old), was a native of Seville. He studied in his father’s atelier until the father’s violent temper got the better of him, and he left for Italy. In Rome, he studied architecture which excelled him in perspective. His fish paintings gained him the name of The Fishing Spaniard. When he returned to Seville, he painted pictures of flowers and genre scenes. Antonio Palomino described them as Passages and Humours of boozing Companions in little Tippling Houses and Two-Penny Ordinaries. He became Murillo’s director at the Academy of Seville but moved to Madrid in resentment of Murillo’s senior position to him. One of his well-known works in Madrid was The Triumph of Saint Hermenegild altarpiece. His frescoes impressed King Philip IV so much that he commissioned him to paint the dome in the Chapel of Our Lady of Atocha; he was subsequently made painter to King. Charles II chose him as Master of the Royal Works in 1677. His most noted works were the renovations of the Basilica of Our Lady of the Pillar at Zaragoza.


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stigmatisation of saint francis

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