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Pierre-Jules Jollivet

1794-1871 France History/Genre


Brief Biography-Pierre-Jules Jollivet from Paris was a painter and lithographer. He did not begin painting until he was twenty-eight at the École des Beaux-Arts in Paris; one of his mentors was Antoine-Jean Gros. History and genre scenes were to become his speciality. He spent time in Spain working on a catalogue of the art collection of Ferdinand VI. When he returned to Paris, he worked on religious commissions and his historical works. One of his most notable works was the Trinity above the main door of the Church of Saint Vincent de Paul in Paris. Nudity in some of his paintings caused a scandal, and they were removed in 1861 and not restored until 2011. He was known to have taught Gustav Boulanger.


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the creation
of eve

the creation of eve by Pierre-Jules Jollivet

the original

the original sin

adam and eve

adam and eve expelled from paradise


the trinity

the battle of

the battle of agnadello

pierre poacher
contemplating loot

pierre poacher contemplating his loot

philip III called the
bold, king of france

philip three called the bold king of france

adoration of
the magi

adoration of the magi