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Juan de Juanes

1523-1579 Spain/Mannerism


Brief Biography-Juan (Bautista) de Juanes was born in Fuente la Higuera, Valencia. He studied in Italy, where the paintings of Raphael inspired him the most. However, he spent the rest of his life in Valencia and became known as the Spanish Raphael. Juanes painted primarily religious works. Most of his paintings remain in Valencia and that city’s convents. Palomino rated him higher than Luis de Morales and Raphael, with an excellence superior to both. His most notable work, The Baptism of Christ by John, is at the Cathedral of Valencia. He died at Bocairent, Valencia, in 1579.


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christ with the

christ with the chalice

entombment of saint
stephen martyr

entombment of saint stephen martyr

saint john the

saint john the evangelist