Kanō Tan'yu

1602-1674 Japan/Kanō School


Brief Biography-Kanō Tan’yu, the sixth generation of Kanō artists, was the most successful member of the Kanō School in the Edo period. The central school moved from Kyoto to Edo in 1600 to serve the Tokugawa Shogunate, and Tan’yu became the Shogun’s painter in residence at the age of fifteen. He decorated the principal castles and wealthy homes of the new capital Edo. As the power of the Shogunate declined over the centuries, so did the Kanō School’s prosperity and influence by the end of the nineteenth century. The result was the Kanō School, the Shogunate’s official school of painters, was the longest and most influential school in Japanese history, lasting over three hundred years.


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tokugawa Ieyasu

tokugawa Ieyasu

phoenixes by
paulownia trees

phoenixes by paulownia trees