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Torii Kiyonaga 鳥居 清長

1752-1815 Japan/Ukiyo-e


Brief Biography-Torii Kiyonaga’s style came from Torii Kiyomoto, a kabuki actor from Osaka and originator of the Torii school of artists. Kiyomoto produced theatre signboards which influenced Kiyonaga, but he was a disciple of Torii Kiyomitsu. He also trained under Isoda Koryūsai and Suzuki Harunobu, designed kabuki signboards and painted shunga and Bijin-ga images. Utamaro later surpassed Kiyonaga's success.


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snowball fight

snowball fight

bathhouse women

bathhouse women

blossoms on the
bank of the sumida

blossoms on the bank of the sumida

blossom viewing by
shinobazu pond

cherry-blossom viewing by shinobazu pond

cooling on riverside

cooling on riverside

ferryboat on the
rokugo river

ferryboat on the rokugo river

shogi go and ban-

shogi go and ban-sugoroku

azumabashi shita
no suzumibune

azumabashi shita no suzumibune