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Jan Kupecký

1667-1740 Czech Republic/Baroque


Brief Biography-Ján Kupecký was born in Pezinok (Pösing, Bösing) outside Pressburg. He studied under an artist named Benedikt Klaus, who brought him to Vienna to assist him in his work for three years. With a letter of introduction, he went to Venice to work with Pietro Liberi from Padua. In Rome, Johann Caspar Füssli, father of Johann Heinrich Füssli tutored him. With Prince Stanislaus Sobieski’s aid, he toured Italy, observing the works of masters such as Titian, Guido Reni and many more. After twenty years, Prince Adam von Liechtenstein brought him to Vienna, where he became a painter to Emperor Joseph I. He refused to work for any patron for long periods. When the emperor died, he worked for the Elector of Mentz, the Duke of Saxe-Gotha, and the Margrave of Ansbach. He turned down service with Charles VI, George II of England and Peter the Great, who he painted at Carlsbad. Because he was a protestant, he was accused of heresy and fled from the inquisition to Nuremberg, where he remained with his family.


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A Man Eating
a Meal

A Man Eating a Meal

A Young
Polish Woman

A Young Polish Woman

Count von

Adam Philipp-Count Losy von Losymthal


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of a Man

Portrait of a Man

Portrait of
an Actor

Portrait of an Actor

Prince Eugene
of Savoy

Prince Eugene of Savoy


Self Portrait


Four Hungarian Children


Franziska Wussin

Johann von

Johann Michael von Gotter

Portrait of a

Portrait of a Gentleman

Artist with
Wife and Son

The Artist with his Wife and Son

K Bruni

The Miniaturist K Bruni

The Painter
David Hoyer

The Painter David Hoyer