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Lucas van Leyden

1494-1533 Holland/Northern Renaissance


Brief Biography-Lucas van Leyden (Lucas Jacobsz) was born in Leiden in 1494. He was a painter, printmaker and engraver who began engraving in his ninth year, and his father apprenticed him with Cornelius Engebrechtsz, Leiden’s history painter and portraitist. He painted in oil, distemper, and stained glass. Quentin Masseys, and Jan Mabuse, who he met in Middelburg, inspired his figures. Albeit, his figures lacked the perspective to the extent that some appeared mannerist. Albrecht Dürer, whom he befriended in Antwerp, influenced his engraving skills, and the Antwerp Guild of Saint Luke admitted him in 1522; there, he was called Lucas de Hollandere. His last Judgment triptych in the town hall at Leiden is his most outstanding work. The reverend Pilkington wrote of a famous print of this master’s engraving, the subject of which is a Bagpiper that sold for the princely sum of a hundred ducatoons, or twenty pounds sterling at the time of print. He died in Leyden in 1533.


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fortune-teller with
a fool

fortune teller with a fool by Lucas-van-Leyden

lot and his

lot and his daughters

mohammed and the
monk sergius

mohammed and the monk sergius

the dentist

the dentist

the last

the last judgment