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Max Liebermann

1847-1935 Germany/Impressionism


Brief Biography-Max Liebermann was the son of a Jewish banker in Berlin. In 1868, he began art studies in Weimar after studying Law in Berlin. Between 1869 and 1877, he studied in Paris and Holland. Liebermann served with the Order of Saint John during wartime before settling back in Berlin in 1884. He mainly painted portraits and received numerous commissions from notable clientele. Liebermann worked in the impressionist style, and close to Manet, the Prussian Academy of Arts elected him as a member in 1897. He became the first president of the Berlin Secession group a year later. In 1920, he was President of the Prussian Academy of Arts until 1933, when the Nazi regime prohibited the work of Jewish artists. Nevertheless, his garden at Wannsee inspired several of his works. He died in the Pariser Platz in 1935. One of his many close associates in the Secession was Lovis Corint.


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adele wold

adele wold

amaryllis and
calla lilies

amaryllis and calla lilies

beach at

beach at noordwijk

beergarden near
the wannsee

beergarden near the wannsee



bleaching field
at zweeloo

bleaching field at zweeloo

boy and girl on
a village road

boy and girl on a village road

concert in the
opera house

concert in the opera house

corner of a
dutch village

corner of a dutch village

country house
in hilversum

country house in hilversum

near nordwijk

dune near nordwijk

dutch village

dutch village street

dutch woman

dutch woman

ferdinand sauerbruch

ferdinand sauerbruch

flax scouring
in laren

flax scouring in laren

hedwig ruetz

fraulein hedwig ruetz

free period in
the orphanage

free period in the amsterdam orphanage

net menders

the net menders

his studio

in his studio

jesus in
the temple

jesus in the temple

lola leder

lola leder

on the way
to school

on the way to school

orphan girls in

orphan girls in amsterdam

parrot avenue

parrot avenue

plucking geese

plucking geese

president paul
von hindenburg

president paul von hindenburg

riders on
the beach

riders on the beach

riding donkey at
the seashore

riding donkey at the seashore

samson and delilah

samson and delilah



terrace in

terrace in nienstedten

terrace in
wannsee garden

terrace in wannsee garden

the artist's

the artist's studio

garden bench

the garden bench

parrot man

the parrot man

toddler school in

toddler school in amsterdam