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Claude Lorrain

1600-1682 France/Italy-Baroque


Brief Biography-Claude Gellée (Claude Lorrain) was born in the village of Champagne in Lorraine in 1600. Joachim von Sandrart, who became a friend of Claude and went on sketching parties with him, wrote that at the age of twelve, he was an apprentice pastry cook in the artist’s household, Agostino Tassi, in Rome. It is, however, uncertain how Claude arrived at the house of Tassi. He was most famous as the rapist of Artemisia Gentileschi. Claude soon became his assistant and received tuition from him. He worked with Tassi on decorating the Villa Lante of Cardinal Montalto at Bagnaia in 1619 and, in 1623, went to Naples, where the bay profoundly inspired him for the rest of his life. Two years later, he travelled to Lorraine, completed his apprenticeship with Claude Deruet and returned to Rome, where he was to settle. The mannerist style of Adam Elsheimer and Paul Bril, with whom Agostino Tassi was a disciple, affected his paintings. The works of Hans Rottenhammer, who collaborated with the Bamboccianti group of Northern painters in Rome, may have also influenced Claude due to Han’s mythological content. Though his drawings of figures, somehow not being considered resolute, were thought to be sometimes inserted as staffage by other artists. He became a friend of Nicolas Poussin, and by the thirties, he achieved considerable success. He was obliged to record his works in his Liber Veritatis to protect himself from counterfeiters. His Book of Truth is a detailed description of each painting, including sketches and notes regarding patrons. One of his many later noted patrons was the Duke of Paliano and Grand Constable of Naples, Lorenzo Onofrio Colonna. The duke commissioned at least ten large paintings from Claude. Claude’s paintings strongly influenced the works of Richard Wilson, and JMW Turner.


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Harbour Scene

Harbour Scene at Sunset

Saint Ursula

Seaport with the Embarkation of Saint Ursula

Aeneas's Farewell

Aeneas's Farewell to Dido in Carthago

Campo Vaccino

Campo Vaccino

Acis and Galathe

Landscape with Acis and Galathe

Apollo and Mercury

Landscape with Apollo and Mercury

Egeria Weeps

Egeria Weeps over Numa

Coast Scene

Coast Scene with the Rape of Europa

Cephalus and Procris

Cephalus and Procris Reunited by Diana

Admetus and Mercury

Landscape with Apollo Guarding the Herds of Admetus and Mercury Stealing them

Dancing Figures

Landscape with Dancing Figures

Coastal Landscape

Italian Coastal Landscape

Noli Me Tangere

Landscape with Noli Me Tangere Scene

Rest in the Flight

Landscape with Rest in Flight to Egypt


Landscape with Shepherds

River God Apollo

Landscape with a River God Apollo and the Muses

Aeneas at Delos

Aeneas at Delos

Shooting Stag

Ascanius Shooting Stag of Sylvia

Shepherds two

Landscape with Shepherds two

The Nymph Egeria

Landscape with the Nymph Egeria

Cleopatra in Tarsus

Cleopatra in Tarsus


Departure of Ulysses

Pastoral Landscape

Pastoral Landscape

Burning Boats

Marine with the Trojans Burning their Boats

The Queen of Sheba

Embarkation of Queen of Sheba

Paule Romana

Embarkation of Saint Paule Romana at Ostia

The Golden Calf

Landscape with the Worship of the Golden Calf

Rural Dance

Rural Dance



Setting Sun

Setting Sun

Grieving Heliades

Harbour Scene with Grieving Heliades

Siege of La Rochelle

Siege of La Rochelle by the troops of Louis th Eight

The Pont Molle

The Pont  Molle

Villa Medici

Ville Medici

Expulsion of Hagar

The Expulsion of Hagar

Judgment of Paris

The Judgment of Paris

Ulysses Returns

Ulysses Returns Chryseis to her Father

View of Tivoli

View of Tivoli

The Mill

The Mill

The Rape of Europa

The Rape of Europa

View of Delphi

View of Delphi

Villagers Dancing

Villagers Dancing

juno confiding

juno confiding to the care of argus

hagar and the angel

hagar and the angel