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Mariano Salvador de Maella

1739-1819 Spain/Neoclassicism


Brief Biography-Mariano Salvador de Maella of Valencia, whose father, Mariano, was an artist, gave him his initial tuition. His first formal studies were with Felipe de Castro in Madrid before enrolling in the Real Academia de Bellas Artes de San Fernando, where Antonio González Velázquez influenced him. Mariano later married Antonio’s daughter and had a strong influence on the works of Antonio’s son, Zacarías. He went to Rome and America before settling back in Madrid in 1764. Alongside Anton Raphael Mengs, he worked at the Palacio Real de Madrid and undertook commissions on several palaces, including the Palacio de El Escorial. One of his many tasks was supervising at the Tapestry Factory of Santa Bárbara. He eventually became director-general of the Academia, succeeding Francisco Bayeu y Subias and was elevated to the painter of the King’s Chamber in 1774. However, his choice of allegiance to the new King José led to his downfall when King Fernando VII regained the throne. He was discharged from the court and replaced by his student Vicente López Portaña.


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king carlos III

king carlos three

carlota joaquina
de bourbon

carlota joaquina de bourbon[



de berganza

froilan de berganza


immaculate conception

infanta carlota
joaquina of bourbon

infanta carlota joaquina of bourbon by Mariano Salvador de Maella

of mary

ascension of mary

maria luisa
of parma

maria luisa of parma



saint francis
of assisi

saint francis of assisi receiving the stigmata

santa leocadia

santa leocadia

self portrait

self portrait

study for an

study for an altarpiece

the embarcation

the embarcation


the last supper

the last supper

allegory of

allegory of summer

general bernardo
de galvez

general bernardo de galvez

saint charles

saint charles borromeo

christ crowned
with thorns

christ crowned with thorns

fray pedro de godoy
bishop of osma

fray pedro de godoy bishop of osma