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Masolino da Pinacle

1383/1413-1447 Italy/Early Renaissance


Brief Biography-Masolino da Pinacle/Tommaso di Cristoforo Fini was born in Pinacle; he became a disciple of Lorenzo Ghiberti at eighteen and later Gherardo Dello Starnina. The Guild of the Medici and Speziale admitted him in 1423. In 1427 he went to Hungary with the Obergespan, Chief Magistrate of Temeswar, Philippo Scolari, known as Pippo Spanno, for two years before returning to Italy when Spanno died. In Florence, Masolino worked with Masaccio on the frescoes in the Cappella Brancacci of Santa Maria della Carmine. After Masaccio’s death, Masolino continued to work on the frescoes; however, Filippino Lippi later finished them. In Rome, he decorated a chapel in Saint Clemente for Cardinal Branda Castiglione in 1430. Masaccio and Giottopreviously influenced his work, but he had regressed to his early style by this time.


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baptistery and
collegiata castiglione

baptistery and collegiata castiglione olona baptism of christ

baptistery and
collegiata south wall

baptistery and collegiata castiglione olona south wall

the cappella

the cappella brancacci by Masolino da Pinacle

right view

right view

saint peter

saint peter preaching

san clemente rome
catherine legend

san clemente rome catherine legend

the life of saint

the life of saint julien

the temptation

the temptation by Masolino da Pinacle